‘Earth on Fire’ Documentary

This is a really interesting documentary on the role of fire in ecological landscapes and the rates at which ‘mega fires’ are happening around the world. An excellent resource to reflect on the natural systems in which we work and live.

The Ecological Memory of a River

Check out this great short called ‘Delta Dawn’ that tells the story of releasing the water on the Colorado River to reach the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. A moving piece both ecologically and culturally for those that were once removed from this water shed.

Videos for the HM Practitioner That You May Have Missed in 2014

2014 was a great year for inspiring and educational videos for the Holistic Management practitioner. Here’s some you may have seen but hopefully some new gems too. Thanks to Blain Hjertaas for the recommendations.  Did we miss some great videos that you’ve come across? Leave a reply in the comment box to share your recommendations.…