Western Canadian Holistic Management Conference – 5 Days Away!

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 12.09.38 PM

For producers who are new to Holistic Management or those that have been practitioners for many years, this conference offers up some great opportunities to learn, grow and connect. Speakers include:

  • David Irvine – Holistic Management in your Family and Putting Inspiration to Work
  • The team of HM Educators –  Opening the Gates – Learn, Grow, Connect
  • Arlette and Allen Seib, Sam and Janeen Covlin and Sue and Richard DeBruijn – Producer Panel
  • Jodie Griffin – Livestock Price Insurance Program
  • Blain Hjertaas – Regenerative Agriculture
  • Linda Edgecombe – Breaking Busy and The Degree of Difference
  • Greg and Lisa Smith – Ranching Across the World
  • Don Campbell – Recreating a Financial Success on Your Farming Operation
  • Debra Murphy – Social Media

To register, contact Nadia Mori at 306-946-3219 or nadia.mori@gov.sk.ca

Program Information and Registration Form (Download PDF)


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